How To Choose The Best Payroll Service For Your Small Business

14 May 2021
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Running a small business is a rewarding experience, but it can also carry a unique set of challenges, including the efficient and accurate management of payroll. If you are a business owner, you will need a solution for processing payroll as long as you have employees. Since the responsibility might seem intimidating, you may wish to enlist the help of a payroll service. In general, a payroll service will assist you with every aspect of making sure that your employees are paid properly and on time. The service can make all payroll calculations, generate reports, track paid time off usage, and many other tasks. Here are three tips to help you choose the best payroll service for your business. 

1) Look for a payroll service that will integrate smoothly with your current systems.

Incorporating a new program with your existing systems can be time-consuming and difficult. This is even more relevant if the service is not compatible with the software that you already utilize. For this reason, you'll want to choose a payroll service that has the ability to merge easily with your operations. For example, if you have a reliable method for tracking when employees go on vacation, look for a payroll service that will work well with your attendance system. Make sure that the integrations meet your specifications for the whole payroll lifecycle, such as new hire onboarding, employee benefits, and accounting data. Seamless integrations not only ensure that your business remains compliant at all times, but they also eliminate costly financial errors that could affect your company's bottom line.

2) Ask about the available features that the service provides and for a detailed breakdown of all associated fees.

Perhaps the most valuable aspect of a payroll service is the number of features offered. It's important to find a payroll service that will deliver everything needed to manage the entire process. Some critical things to look for include a self-service portal for employees, real-time salary adjustments, direct deposit capability, and wage garnishment administration. The service should also have an easy way to pull up reports and be intuitive to use. Do not choose a payroll service with a complicated interface. You should also ask what the costs to your business will be to utilize the service. Additionally, confirm whether or not you would need to sign an annual contract or partner with the service on a monthly term.

3) Find out what level of customer support the payroll service has available. 

Once you've begun to work with the payroll service, you may run into issues that require guidance or support. Ask what methods (phone, email, or chat) are offered and what hours the representatives are accessible to answer questions. The ideal payroll service will have flexible options for you to reach out when necessary, especially near paydays or right before bonus payouts. Look for a service with an online help center that contains handy articles to walk you through troubleshooting steps for common problems. Try not to pick a payroll service that doesn't give you a clear understanding of its customer support availability.

By using these tips, you'll be able to pick the right payroll service for your small business with ease. Your payroll service partner will tackle the crucial job of handling payroll from beginning to end so that you can spend more time growing your company. 

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