4 Critical Financial Planning Services You Should Get From A Financial Planner

24 August 2022
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Most people know they should have a financial plan, but many don't realize just how important it is to have one that's tailored specifically to their needs. A good financial planner can help you with all sorts of critical tasks, like saving for retirement, creating a budget, and even investing for the future. Here are four of the most important services a financial planner can provide. 1. Retirement planning One of the most important services a financial planner can provide is helping you save for retirement. Read More 

New To Investments? Form 8949, Schedule D, And Your Income Taxes

19 April 2022
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If you recently added investments to your financial portfolio, you're likely wondering how they will affect your income tax obligation. The biggest reporting change you will generally see is the addition of two new forms: Form 8949 and Schedule D. What are these? What do they mean for you? And how can you minimize tax due from these earnings? Here's what you need to know. What Is Form 8949? Form 8949 is the means by which a taxpayer reports the sales of various taxable investments during the year. Read More 

3 Ways An Accountant Helps Gauge The Future Value Of Your Estate

28 January 2022
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During estate planning, understanding the value of your estate and all its parts is key to achieving your goals. But valuation is more than just knowing what assets are worth today. It also involves planning for the future value. How can an accountant help you with this difficult task? Here are a few ways. 1. Estimating Market Changes Nearly all assets will experience ups and downs in their market values. And although a lot of financial planning can simply focus on the current value of your assets, estate planning means planning for something that may not happen for decades. Read More